Nissan 300zx

1984 to 1996 North American version

The Nissa 300zx was offered from 1984 to 1996 in North America.
Offered first in 1984,this style continued into 1989 for North America.
It had ahead of its time features like voice activated warnings for low fuel, driver's door is open, hand brake is on etc.
It had a 3.0L V6 engine and was also offered with a Turbo version in the 1990-1996 model years.
They also had T-ROOFs offered with all engine configurations.
The 1990-1996 was faster,lighter and a beautiful example of the 300zx.
Steve Millen drove the stock 1990 Turbo 300zx on the track to show it's capability and performance and Michael Fox owned one as part of his collection.
The 300zx continues to dazzle people with its style and looks to this day.
Enjoy your Cars!! Safe driving!