1993 - 1998 Toyota Supra

North American Mark lV

  The 1993 to 1998 North American Toyota Supra is probably one of the most sought after Toyotas at the present time.
It came in a few different versions including a non-turbo version with a hard top,a non-turbo with a Targa roof and also a Twin Turbo version with a Targa roof.
All models were pretty to look at and some models were also offered without the rear spoiler. Toyota made a bold statement by using a very large rear spoiler on the back of the Supra with the Mark lV (North American term).
This version was also offered in Japan until the early 2000s with the RHD configuration.
This Supra offered an  inline 6 cylinder engine which was mated with a 6 speed getrag transmission and produced  325 horse power while the normally aspirated version had a 225 horse power output.
The twin turbo is a legendary engine and offers ample space for engine upgrades to boost horse power to very high values using the original Toyota block.

Since this was a Toyota built Supra it's very popular with everyone.

Happy and safe driving everyone!
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